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Coal Drops Yard, King’s Cross – Architectural Visualisation

I worked on this image in September 2015 as part of Forbes Massie visualisation studio.
Architect: Heatherwick Studio
Developer: Argent Group
So far I’ve seen the image published on BdOnline and SkyScraper City. I also worked on this image and this one along with other members of the FM team on the same project.

Kings Cross Coal Drops Yard
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Project Soane – Glass Canvas Entry – Honorable Mention

Project Soane organised a rendering competition whose purpose was the re-imagining of Sir John Soane’s Bank of England. Below are our studio’s entries on which I was assigned to work. We are very pleased to have achieved an honorable mention for the view from Threadneedle Street (image below).

View from Threadneedle Street

Consols Transfer Office

View from Tivoli Corner

Clicking on any of the images above will redirect you to the voting section. The winners will be announced on July 15th; only five days left!

Ligotti’s ‘The Town Manager’ – Digital Art

Digital Art based on Thomas Ligotti’s story, ‘The Town Manager’. You can read it online here.

The Town Manager SMALL

Step-by-step process:

The Gates cinema redevelopment in Durham – Architectural Visualisation

I produced this image in August 2015 as part of Forbes Massie visualisation studio. Happy to see it published on BBC News.

Durham Redevelopment

Pocket Flats – Architectural Visualisation

I produced this image in October 2015 as part of Forbes Massie visualisation studio. Happy to see it published on Pocket’s website (scroll down). I also worked on the other two images.
Juxon Street

Ligotti’s ‘The Red Tower’ – Digital Art

The Red Tower SMALLDigital Art based on Thomas Ligotti’s story, ‘The Red Tower’. You can read it online here.

“The ruined factory stood three stories high in an otherwise featureless landscape. Although somewhat imposing on its own terms, it occupied only the most unobtrusive place within the gray emptiness of its surroundings, its presence serving as a mere accent upon a desolate horizon. No road led to the factory, nor were there any traces of one that might have led to it at some time in the distant past. If there had ever been such a road it would have been rendered useless as soon as it arrived at one of the four, red-bricked sides of the factory, even in the days when the facility was in full operation. The reason for this was simple: no doors had been built into the factory, no loading docks or entranceways allowed penetration of the outer walls of the structure, which was solid brick on all four sides without even a single window below the level of the second floor. The phenomenon of a large factory so closed off from the outside world was a point of extreme fascination to me.” – Thomas Ligotti, ‘The Red Tower’.

The making – video:

Houghton Regis – Elderly Residential Homes

I created this visual one year ago at ‘Forbes Massie’ for an architectural competition entry. Project by  MAE Architects .


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