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In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land

In a foreign town SMALL
This digital art piece was inspired by a short story from Thomas Ligotti’s ‘Teatro Grottesco‘. The name of the story is ‘His Shadow Shall Rise to a Higher House’ and it’s the first part of a trilogy called ‘In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land’.

Techniques used: 3D render + post production. Full size: 4082×3186

Although the story is pretty grim and sickening, it contains some vivid descriptions of the urban landscape of the unnamed northern border town which I found beautiful. (more…)

Matte Painting inspired by ‘Bergtatt’ Cover

Ulver Bergtatt SMALLFull size: 2883×2883 px. Stylised photorealist matte painting inspired by the original oil painting by Tania Stene for Ulver’s ‘Bergtatt’ album cover. The photo I used as a base is from 3DTotal.

Tribute to ‘Todbringer’, Ellende Album Cover

Ellende SMALL
Full size: 3500×3500 px. Mixed technique – 3D render + matte painting.

There’s an interesting story behind this painting. I’ve been subscribed to a YouTube channel called ‘Atmospheric Black Metal’ for a while when this album, ‘Todbringer’ by Ellende came out.
I remember listening to it and admiring the artwork, then totally forgot about it for more than a year until one day I accidentally saw a flash of the cover somewhere on the internet. I could not remember its name nor the name of the artist so I went back to the YouTube channel and browsed through the huge collection of albums until I finally found it.

The original image was painted by Lukas, the talented musician himself.

Tsuruta Kitchen

I produced these images as part of the ‘Factory Fifteen’ team. See original post here.


Old Church Studios – Craft Design

I produced these images as part of the ‘Factory Fifteen’ team. See original post here.

43-Old-Church-Street-03 (more…)


ArchVis Portfolio

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Archviz Portfolio

Can bad people make good music? A few thoughts on Burzum and nostalgia

My latest artwork inspired by ‘Fattigmannen’ which was also the cover of one of Burzum’s albums triggered a heated discussion on a closed facebook group.
Varg Vikernes is well known for his extreme views and past actions and is considered to be a reprehensible individual by almost everyone. Is it justifiable to promote or even listen to Burzum then? Does liking his music somehow contaminate you morally? This blog post is also a response to the youtuber ‘theneedledrop’ who was asking the same question in this video. (more…)