architectural visualisation / design / digital art

Digital Art

Greenwich 1900 new small
Greenwich Village, NY – based on ‘He’

Providence, Rhode Island – based on ‘The Case of Charles Dexter Ward’

‘The Name of the Rose’ – based on Umberto Eco’s novel

The Temple Bright SMALL

The Underwater Temple – based on ‘The Temple’

The White Ship SMALL
‘The White Ship’

Greenwich 1750 small
Old Greenwich, NY – based on ‘He’

Strange High House SMALL
‘The Strange High House in the Mist’

Greenwich 1500 small
The Old Marshland, Greenwich New York

‘The Outsider’

Gothic Heterotopia
Gothic Heterotopia

Rue dAuseil SMALL
Rue d’Auseil based on ‘The Music of Erich Zann’

Dunwich Village based on ‘The Dunwich Horror’

The Forgoten Valley, based on ‘Memory’

Dagon’s Canyon, based on ‘Dagon’

Sarnath Small
The City of Sarnath – based on ‘The Doom That Came to Sarnath’
shadow over innsmouth‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’

Innsmouth Waterfront – based on ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’
Kingsport – based on ‘The Festival’

At the Mountains of Madness SMALL
At the Mountains of Madness

Daggerfall Breton UtopiaDaggerfal – Breton UtopiaFallout Rising WatersFallout Rising Waters

The Town Manager SMALL
The Town Manager

The Red Tower SMALL
The Red Tower

Matte Painting - Giant MushroomsGiant Mushrooms

Old Factory in Botosani - future Museum of Daily Life in the Communist Era
Old Factory in Botosani

Interior Sublime Effect2Interior Imagine Ansamblu2

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