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Diploma Project: Romania’s Museum of Communism


The future Museum of Communism is a controversial subject in Romania. While some historians and political scientists consider it mandatory for every post-communist society, others deny the need and reasons for such a building.  My project aims to bring together the two different approaches on memorial architecture – the edifice (The existing ”Radio House”  built in the last years of the Communist regime) and rememorative architecture (my proposal).

The main trail ends with a 6′th story view over Bucharest, centered on “Casa poporului”, Nicolae Ceaușescu’s most notorious representative edifice.

After visiting the main trail (the corten tube), visitors gain acces to the main atrium – a place of meditation built as a memorial of collective and personal trauma. Thus, it marks an absence – a void in the Romanian society.  Strong zenith and lateral lighting (leaving violent shadows) along with the cracked lines and holes’ pattern, give the space an ambiguous and neurotic character; the boundary between inside and outside (presence and void) becomes unclear. The metal structure and red weathering steel evoke the forced industrialisation specific to the Socialist epoch.


Communism Victims’ Memorial



Life In Communist Prisons – Exhibition


2 responses

  1. The problem is that, of course, a “Museum of Communism” should not be a museum of the communist oppression. Surely, there are many paths and viewpoints to present the recent history of Romania, but nonetheless, this endeavour should be representative, illustrating both the daily life under the communist regime and its repressive facet. In every “museum of communism” in the former “Sovietized Europe”, the two aspects are equally present.

    December 15, 2015 at 2:26 pm

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