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Intermodal Station (school project)



I used Grasshopper to create the parametric structure. Concerning the interior perspectives, I tried to obtain organic effects – curved glass walls bumping in the scene, 3d surface ceiling with random light spots (again, I used a Grasshopper algorithm to create “randomness” – a cellular automaton called “The Game of Life”).

3 responses

  1. Nagla Al-Khoreiby

    Hello, my name is Nagla and I study Architecture at the American University in Cairo. I am in my senior year and I’m working on my graduation project which happens to be an Intermodal Station as well. I see your project is round up, and I’m finding difficulty in figuring out the proper space program/requirements for an intermodal station (Metro, Tram, Bus, Bike, and pedestrian space). So if you could provide me with that info or a source I’d be grateful.

    February 23, 2013 at 6:46 am

  2. Hello Nagla.
    The building’s site is in the vicinity of the International Airport (Henry Coanda, Otopeni) in Bucharest.
    Passengers arriving at the airport were to travel through a skybridge (suspended connecting passage) leading them into the main space of the intermodal station (my building).
    The building consists of 3 levels:
    -1. Underground level – metro / train station; technical/administration spaces (staff changing rooms, strorage, supplies vertical circulation, flagman’s office, luggage store, lost and found, luggage lockers, public toilets, cables & electricity rooms etc).
    0. Ground floor – the main space, containing the following programs: Buss station (outside the building, in a protected area), press / publishing shop, bank, post office, info box & souvenirs, commercial facilities, IT lobby lounge space.
    1. First floor – mezzanine, containing restaurants, bar-bistro, lounge space, a pharmacy. The skybridge coming from the airport adds the circulation flow at this upper level.

    So the building basically connects 3 programs: airport, metro/train and bus.
    However, my main focus in this project was experimenting parametric algoritms and free forms, without neglecting the functional side either. I could send you some info and examples (including a gradutation project), if you sent me an email.


    February 24, 2013 at 3:05 pm

  3. Nagla Al-Khoreiby

    Thank you very much for your reply, it is very beneficial. I might want to tell you also that I am designing this station in an integration with an extension to the historical monument in Cairo; The Aqueduct. So if any of the examples could relate to dealing with extensions or a historical monument, it would be great.
    My email is
    many thanks.


    February 24, 2013 at 6:38 pm

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