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Geysir, Iceland – Digital Painting

Gaysir Painted SMALL

Full size: 5000×3879. Painted on a graphics tablet.

Can bad people make good music? A few thoughts on Burzum and nostalgia

My latest artwork inspired by ‘Fattigmannen’ which was also the cover of one of Burzum’s albums triggered a heated discussion on a closed facebook group.
Varg Vikernes is well known for his extreme views and past actions and is considered to be a reprehensible individual by almost everyone. Is it justifiable to promote or even listen to Burzum then? Does liking his music somehow contaminate you morally? This blog post is also a response to the youtuber ‘theneedledrop’ who was asking the same question in this video. Read the rest of this page »

Matte Painting based on ‘Fattigmannen’, ‘Hvis Lyset Tar Oss’ Album Cover

Hvis Lyset Tar Oss SMALL_no_text

Full size: 4000×4000 px.
I always found this drawing (‘Fattigmannen‘ by Theodor Kittelsen, 1894-95 ) very evocative and inspiring, so today I decided to create a stylised photorealistic version of it. This is also the cover art of ‘Hvis lyset tar oss’, one of the best well known black metal albums. For the dead pauper I went into Skyrim and console killed poor Filnjar, the blacksmith from Shor’s Stone, then took a screenshot. Read the rest of this page »

Reykholt Forest, Iceland – Photo Manipulations

Matte Reykholt Forest SMALL
Full size: 3558×3558 pixels. These two art pieces are based on two photos I took in November 2017 in a small forest near Reykholt, western Iceland.
For some reason this place reminded me of ‘Blair Witch Project’ so I tried my best to evoke that mood through the grading and effects. Other influences include Burzum’s ‘Hliðskjálf’ as well as Agalloch’s ‘Marrow of the Spirit’ cover art.  Read the rest of this page »

Snaefellsness, Iceland – Matte Painting

Matte Snaefellsness_SMALL

Full size: 3706×3706 pixels. This painting is a collage of photos taken by myself in November 2017 in the beautiful national park of Snaefellsness, western Iceland.

Geysir, Iceland – Photo Manipulation

I took the original photo (see below) in Geysir, Iceland in November 2017. Full size: 4000×4000 pixels.